The Plight of a Mother – A True Story

The Plight of a Mother - A True Story

"The Plight of a Mother" is the true story of a mother who had to go through an agonising period of her life when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). The distressing experience during the course of treatment is unfolded in the pages of the book. The writer tries to convey to readers the message that faith in God does triumph in the end.

Some glimpses from the Story

Laleleki and her mother pose for a photograph before the biopsy at Vellore.

The author had to keep smiling to cheer Laleleki during her ordeal.

After the operation and 4th cycle of Chemotheraphy, Dr. Corner took Laleleki for an outing at the Church at Vellore to lift her mood and make her happy.

Laleleki speaking at the Fresher’s Meet at her College at New Delhi in 2009

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