Poems By Phidalia Toi


(Marathon Race to Acche Din - Part 1)

Oh Misty Dawn!!
Nation's true wish is just to know;
Not on year 4
Not Tomorrow;
Right Now!!
All embracing wind to blow!

Oh Sunless Dawn,
Undivided Chanting burst forth...
Praying peace will not fall down,
The harmonic soul still to be found.

Men and women in power,
Your unbidden will, keep serving !
Pushing all hangers-on lower;
Morning is here,
keep toiling.

Lotus flower,
Watch out friends,
Which way does it bloom?
Dawn’s Marathon is over;
When twilight we enter,
Will you and I have room?


   The poem "Misty Dawn" supplements the first book "The Dawn" in the Series called "Marathon Race to Acche Din" which reflects the author’s observations, thoughts and feelings on the 5 years of the National Democratic Alliance (II) government that took office on May 2014 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In the first year of Modi Sarkar, it is still not clear what directions the government will take. But one thing is clear: the collective wish of the Indian citizens is that ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab ka Vikas’ prevails and the social harmony is not broken. It’s the obligation of the BJP-led government to push out the anti-social elements, taking care that its own cheerleaders will not take law into their own hands, while it pursues the Development agenda. The nation is watching and analyzing. Will there be place for everyone throughout the 5 years?


(Marathon Race to Acche Din - Part 2)

Dawn is gone, sunbeams force out the night,
Come, it’s morning! Bathe in the sunlight.
But lo! Sunglow is shaded out of sight.
Somewhere, somehow, something’s not right –
Hear, thundering storms bewailing loud.
Why unjust element freely allowed?

As whip-hands twist idea of India.
‘Award Wapsi’ dots flawed areas;
Cheerleaders spring up – prop the killers,
Galleries pulling up clincher thrillers;
As multiple ripples widen out and out,
Itchy flop finale then fades out.

The Eagle soars above rainy skies,
Unmindful of furious tempest cries;
Modifying perception across the world,
Where stormy winds can’t breach the wall;
Arena now flooded with acid rain,
O Come! Hold the reins, ease the pain.


   The poem "The Morning" tries to sum up the book of the same name which is the second book in the Series "Marathon Race to Acche Din" a which reflects the author’s observations, thoughts and feelings on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government which took office in May 2014.In the morning, the BJP led-government is celebrating its first anniversary. Amidst the jubilant and celebration mood, the fringes elements claimed their first victim based on a rumour. As a consequence, the intelligentsia returned their awards, bringing the verbal-fight and counter fight to the fore. The Prime Minister’s silence and his frequent foreign tours left the vulnerable sections of the society tormented with no redressal.


(Marathon race to Acche Din - Part 3)

The morning ends making way for noontime,
As seasons revolve, we here the bells chime;
The watchful Eagle then adjusts aperture
Panning mind’s eye to very distant future.

Bravely gunning into all friends’ hideouts,
Seeking, hunting…. the beasts’ whereabouts;
Enemies slain regardless of aftermath
To renegades all, message is clear-cut.

There the black, the fake, the self-seeking lot,
Offhand, mother’s glory, dare make a muck;
Epoch-making strike unfastened steely knot,
With sudden bombshell torpedoed foul rot.

Oh! Stunned world hardly ever believing,
Rivals, Pundits – folks’ hardships harping;
Through violent storm, stoic masses patience keep
As he and hope bravely cruise the ship.


  The poem "The Afternoon" summarises the third year of Modi Sarkar as put forward in the book of the same name. In the Afternoon (3rd Year) of Modi’s tenure, the Prime Minister feels that enough is enough on Pakistan’s double standard, the fake currency, the black money and the corruption. He decided to hunt down terrorists in their own dens, sending a clear message to the terrorists and the world that there is a limit to patience. The second historic decision was to strike at the shadow economy. The demonetisation drive and the collective support of the citizens stunned his critics and the economists worldwide. Through it all, under his leadership and together with the backing of the masses, the 50 days of pain was over without any chaos and riots on the streets..

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