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“The Morning" is the second book of the 5-part series called 'Marathon Race To Acche Din' - a series that reflects the author's perspective on each of the 5 years of the National Democratic Alliance (II) Government under the leadership of Narendra Modi the 15th Prime Minister of Independent India. The focus in this series is solely on Narendra Modi, his policies and his style of governance. The Prime Minister, Narendra Damodar Das Modi had promised "Acche Din"(good days) to India during the General Election campaigns in 2014. The result of this Marathon Race to Acche Din is still awaited as to see whether it will be a reality or just a tall promise. The first year of achhe din was 'The Dawn', the second year is 'The Morning', the third year will be 'The Afternoon', the fourth year 'The Evening' and 'The Dusk' will be the final and the last year of the NDA (II) Government under the leadership of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister.

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