Phidalia Toi

Born and raised in a small town called Jowai, in Meghalaya, North east of India, Phidalalia Toi has acquired a Masters degree in Khasi Language Literature from North Eastern Hills University Shillong. She has also learnt Cinematography from Mumbai. Writing Lyrics, Novels and scripts for Dramas are her passions. Listening to music inspires her. She also takes interest in social activities. She is blessed with 7 children and believes that they bring her joy and fulfillment in her life. Her favorite pastime is reading books and talking to flowers.

Her Works

Mrs. Phidalia Toi is a songwriter, composer and Filmmaker based at Jowai town in the West Jainita Hills district of Meghalaya. She is also a social activist and a writer. She writes in English, Khasi and Pnar languages.

A Writer

Mrs. Toi, has authored several books in English and Khasi Language. "The Plight of a Mother", being her first non-fiction in English, it was followed by "The Dawn", "The Morning" and "The Afternoon" which are parts of the series "Marathon Race to Acche Din" which reflects the author’s observations, thoughts and feelings on the 5 years of the National Democratic Alliance (II) government that took office on May 2014 under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These would be followed by "The Evening" and "The Dusk" to reflect all the 5 years of Modi Sarkar.

Her Books


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A Flimmaker

Apart from writing, Mrs. Toi also persues her passion in Filmmaking. She has skillfully portrayed the Jaiñtia culture in a documentary film called “Diahmai” where the youngest daughter in the family assumes the customary role of the custodian and guardian of the clan. Her first documentary “Nohkalikai” has beautifully retold the legend behind the famous waterfall at Sohra (Cherrapunjee) known as "Kshaid Nohkalikai" or the Nohkalikai Falls..

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